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Re: As promised @ f4

faith_ps wrote:

As I promised that I would reshoot this scene though in different time of the day. I did not get the "Blue Hour" but because the light on the sign "TUNJUNGAN CITY" is lighted on the later evening, I figured that I must get this shot. Here is the 17mm @ f4.

My very careful inspection is that this lens performed best @ f4. Stopping further down to f8 doesnt improve corners sharpness. At f11, it starts to deteriorate on the corners. Thats why my above first shot at f13 is somehow a waste. The wordings at the corners lost its clarity and sharpness.

Anyway, I'm glad I did this 2nd shot. Makes me know very well about this lens and OMD's capability. Though there are reviews, but best that one can proof it by oneself to really be satisfied.

One other advantage to this lens, I could do it handheld at ISO 400-800 and @ f4 and still get perfect result. AMAZING. OMD's IBIS will greatly help.

Note: This was shot in RAW. No sharpening is added.

Cheers all,


Looks good. Like most people agree f8 or less unless your doing macro or need extreme dof for some specific reason. You can assign depth of field preview to one of your FN buttons, this may help determine if your selection is correct for the subject.

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