Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

Started Sep 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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creaDVty wrote:

All I'm hoping is that with the D600's technology, it's a little better about making an educated guess based on the relationship of tones in the scene.

It is an improvement over last gen in a big way

As for center-weighted metering, I had no problem about the subject being correctly exposed - the D600's matrix exposure does a fine job there. My problem was that the rest of the scene - background, etc. included many blown highlights.

I would note that when you went back and actually examined the raw data...it was much less the case as detail was indeed very recoverable. Had you shot with a Uni-WB picture control it may have been readily evident from the beginning, but I find Uni-WB very impractical. It's really only blown if you can't get to the detail

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