Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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Re: 2nd set of experiments with D600 exposure

Hi Peter. Congrats on your baby. Is s/he walking now? The fun starts there... hehehe

As for your suggestions on finding a zone v subject, they are helpful, and yes I get how a camera can't really know whether a subject is white or black or gray. I'm not saying that the D600 can't get an exposure right. Of course, with spot metering, any camera with a functional light meter should get the job done. All I'm hoping is that with the D600's technology, it's a little better about making an educated guess based on the relationship of tones in the scene. And I guess it does a fine job for the subject but to my dismay doesn't seem to try to fit the scene on the sensor's range.

As for center-weighted metering, I had no problem about the subject being correctly exposed - the D600's matrix exposure does a fine job there. My problem was that the rest of the scene - background, etc. included many blown highlights. If I used center-weighted metering I would think that the problem would be aggravated. (In fact, my s5 has the opposite tendency from the D600 - its meter is extremely conservative and when there's a highlight anywhere in the scene it will underexpose a lot which is not good for the S5 because its range is in the highlights. So what I do to overcome that is use center-weighted metering.)

Nonetheless, I'll give center-weighted a shot with the D600. Haven't tried it on the D600.

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