Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

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Re: Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

Rainerfirst wrote:

KenCK41 wrote:

Well" I have been using the D90 for years. Mostly use manual functions. How ever" When using the metering system as per in Automatic function the d90 performed well. I now bought a D7000 being all the rave. Imeditately I noticed over exposures in bright sunny day light condtions. Only done a fe wshots but enough to notice the difference. I updated the firmware hoping it has been addressed. I don't care for what ever spin one places on over exposed images. It should not be noticably over exposed. One can expect slight variations and that should be all.

Other than that i see good image quality from the d7000 ones I had worked it through Lightroom.

I prefer the D90 metering in some cases (D7k does seem better in low light I will give it that) You basically nail the issue with the D7k, by no means a deal breaker..but it will overexpose in bright the point that a D90 won't

I think the metering is more biased to the AF point, in particular it puts more weight on the shadows than the D90 does..thus in some cases blowing out the highlights.

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