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Re: 14-35 Problems?

You'll hear that the 14-35 can't autofocus well in low light. I suspect that was a problem with the first batch of lenses out the door. I say that because I have a later one that has never had a problem with autofocus down to EV=5 (on an E3 and E5) - maybe it has a problem with city lights at night but i haven't tried that.

What I have found is that when shooting in low light the OVF isn't as bright (duh) so it's not as easy to remember to be sure you're aiming at something that provides a little contrast for the AF to latch on to. So at first, on the rare times when I had trouble with the AF I found it was more my fault than the camera's, and that issue has gone away as I learned. (BTW, this is for shooting events indoors, not still-lifes, so quick AF is important to me.)

I love that lens and it's glued to the E5 unless I need the 7-14 for a particular shot. Now that the sensors are better than when that lens was designed, I wish it were a 14-50 f/2.8 with the same IQ but that's unlikely to happen.


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