D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add

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Re: D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add

Martin Grecner wrote:

Big Daddie wrote:

  • D800 has a nicer, dual-axis virtual horizon. It lightly superimposes the display on the viewfinder image and can be easily shut off. D600 has a single-axis and it uses the "lights" in the viewfinder for underexposure/overexposure.

D600 also features dual-axis horizon AFAIK, but on the LCD display only. The difference is that the D800 can show it in the viewfinder. You should check in the manual and correct it in your spreadsheet eventually.

The D600 will show the roll if the camera is in landscape or portrait orientation, but only the roll. The D800 will show both pitch and roll axes simultaneously, hence dual-axis. E.g. if the lens is tilted up/down as well as tilted left right.

When the D600 uses the underexposure/overexposure "lights," the user has to toggle back and forth if they want to see the exposure information. The D800 lets you see both the virtual horizon and the underexposure/overexposure information simultaneously.

Obviously these are (actually two) features that are small for the the vast majority of people, but that's usually the case with a number of these features. That said, often one or two of them is enough to make the final decision. It isn't just about resolution!

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