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antoineb wrote:

If you read my post, you will see that I mentioned that I own BOTH types: namely a (Nikon) D7000 DSLR with some decent glass (including an 85mm f1.4), and a couple superzooms.

FACT is, the D7k is an INFERIOR photographic tool for most situations, and is much more of hassle to carry around, and cannot film if one assumes that filming involves the ability to keep things in focus.

On the other hand, the D7k can be a great portrait tool when coupled with my 85mm f1.4 but that's a heavy bulky and expensive solution. And the D7k will be better in low light. And the D7k will be able to photograph action better (but I think it is more interesting to film it).

So if anyone asks, does not already own a DSLR, and wants a fair amount of flexibility, then a DSLR is just NOT a good solution.

You are free to disagree - but it is bad manners to just dismiss my opinion when it is based on actual experience.

Your explanation reads as someone who needed a video camera and brought a DSLR.

Subsequently your found the Dslr was not a video camera !!

This is not really the fault of the equipment, You would also find a video camera would outperform your super-zooms for filming.

If you want a camera to do what cameras do and extend a hobby in photography then a d-slr is still the IQ Vs price sweet spot.

For you I suspect your dlsr is more ball and chain than joyous tool to further you skills.

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