Linux is getting just a little more Mainstream.

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Re: Linux is still not so clever

If your laptop doesn't support PAE (Physical Address Extension, a technology related with memory-management, has been in CPUs for a long time (since the late '90s in desktops, 2004~2005 (or earlier) in laptops)) and doesn't support booting from USB either, then it must be really old (for a computer), which means it's not that surprising that the most modern operating systems don't install on it without additional work.

OS producers can't keep supporting older hardware forever, at some point backwards compatibility needs to be sacrificed to ensure performance is good and new features can be added. Windows 7 will also not install and/or function smoothly on very old machines.

Linux you can get running on pretty much any machine, but if it's something that is either very old or very non-standard, you may have to do extra work to get it running.

By the way, get a rewritable CD or DVD for purposes such as these, it allows you to experiment with different versions without having to waste a disc every time.

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