Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

Started Sep 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I think

fromero wrote:

Sorry, but I don't understand why spot metering on the white is necessary following your rules. I am interested, this is why I ask.

eNo wrote:

  • Spot meter on what you want to be middle gray and center-meter, or

  • Spot meter on what you want to be white and open up 2 stops from center-meter

White is Zone 7. Meter on it to protect the details there so they are not blown by telling the camera that is zone 5. Then open up 2 stops which puts the metered white exactly at zone 7. The detail is protected and everything in the scene is put in it's proper place as white is indeed always exactly zone 7, and two stops open from zone 5 is exactly zone 7 also. Meter white to be zone 5...open up two stops insures it's put where it belongs....I think that's how it works.

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