OMD stabilization & 75mm 1.8 lens problem?

Started Sep 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Incredibly troubling for me

Thanks to all who responded.

I am a but surprised that there's no more hue and cry on this issue of shutter shock than there is. For example, with the Fuji X10 orbs, there was such a high level of complaining that Fuji had to fix and change their sensors.

I for one find this incredibly troubling as:
a. It's a shutter range that is very commonly used.

b. I've invested a fair bit acquiring the best MFT primes and expect the camera to work will to give me tack sharp results that the lenses are capable of - at normal shooing shutter speeds.

Curious why there is no more loud complaints....:)? Are most of you OK with this as something to just work around?


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