OMD stabilization & 75mm 1.8 lens problem?

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Re: OMD stabilization & 75mm 1.8 lens problem?

Agreed. My E-PM1 has this problem big time, made worse by Program mode always defaulting to 1/60 of a second (S-priority or manual mode is a must in this cam).

I was taking landscape photos outside Yellowstone park this weekend, and to get pixel perfect sharpness, you have to:
1. Turn off IBIS
2. Use Tripod
3. Use anti-shock
4. Manual focus after the autofocus
5. Make sure the shutter speed is above range of shutter slap.

My resulting pics were amazing, but I found myself annoyed at the extra effort.

I was considering moving up to the OMD, because I thought the powerful 5-axis IBIS and better shutter mechanism would solve this problem, but if it doesn't, no reason for me to change at this point.

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