Experiments with Nikon D600 exposure - seems too aggressive

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nice Job

creaDVty wrote:

So I took some test shots incorporating the suggestions above. Initially, the results were inconclusive but upon further testing it appears that the AF point does influence the D600 metering sometimes. In any case, the D600 initially appears to show a lot of lost highlights but actually much of those highlights are recoverable.

As to why it risks so many highlights in the first place, it is either some sort of ETTR, or an attempt to expose correctly for the subject without much regard for the highlights. It seems to be the latter.

Anyway, here is a more detailed post about it fwiw: http://betterfamilyphotos.blogspot.com/2012/09/further-experiments-with-nikon-d600s.html

I must admit, the introduction under "METERING METHOD" is very well written.

Of note, the three examples using the wall, the FOV of the AF array is actually predominately very close to Zone 5 in all 3. The green in the shade is very close (checked with CS6) and in the other two shots near equal as the yellow is such a small percentage in the array's FOV (vs focus box) as to have little impact (relative to rest of scene).

The follow on examples are excellent and show the impact AF point can have. You might also want to set WB manually as that can have an impact on overall scene. Also if you pick a scene that is outside the DR of the camera...you may find the results more obvious. The tests by ENO I linked earlier show it dramatically.

The test showing little to zero impact when the focus point is not "locked" is a new one. Hadn't considered that and brings up a new way to interrupt the scene. Excellent!

In test shot one and test shot two of your son on the playground apparatus...note that the FOV of both AF arrays is very close to zone five in both (red is zone five most often) Not sure about test shot three as the sunlight reflecting seems to be playing a part (checked with CS6). Not sure if I would call that plenty of clipped highlight as I just can't tell if detail is actually recoverable from the NEF. Good examples though.

When you said:

" ....But what I found is that the clipping display is not accurate and that there is indeed more recoverable information than is shown by the clipping display.....So, after all, the D600 wasn't losing anywhere near as much info as I previously thought. Indeed, it was great that the camera appeared to be maximizing the amount of light, short of blowing relevant highlights, i.e., exposing to the right. This could be awesome for minimizing noise"

You hit upon what we know... the D600 like the D7000, seems geared towards shooting RAW and not like the D5100 which seem geared towards shooting jpeg (in default setup).

Nice Job

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