Micro Nikkor 55 on a NEX-5 (5 IMGs)

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Re: Micro Nikkor 55 on a NEX-5 (5 IMGs)

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I started considering to buy Micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5 or f2.8 for my Canon 5D Mark2. But I wanted to ask this question at first. When using with the lens adapter to Canon, is any of these lenses still able to do Auto focus? I don't know much about these lenses. May be one of them is a full time manual focus lens? But I hope they at least do the focus validation red light in front of the lens (even with the adapter)
I would like to know this at first.

These are MF only lenses. They will meter stopped down. You can get focus confirmation with a "chipped" adapter.

Thanks for the reply. I would like to clarify some more. What do you mean by They will meter stopped down? Does it mean, when you attach this lens, the camera's light meter works differently? And what is the "CHIPPED" adapter?
Sorry, my knowledge in photography is limited.

With most automatic cameras when you focus the camera and when the camera sets the exposure the the lens is at wide open aperture. Then when you push the shutter the camera will automatically close the aperture to what you have selected.

The Sony NEX with a Nikon adapter has no way to automatically stop down the lens so you need to focus and set exposure at the aperture set on the lens.

In order to use the focus confirmation on a Canon camera with a Nikon lens the lens adapter must be fitted with an electronic chip that fools the camera into thinking it is Canon lens. Adapters are available in chipped and unchipped versions with chipped versions being slightly more expensive on comparable adapters.

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