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but I can make due until Canon delivers a camera more suitable.

A camera for static subject matter that will appeal to the broadest base of photographers will need 30MPs or more, greater DR, full bracketing options, 100% VF, GPS (that doesn't hog the hotshoe), internal electronic level, and a cure for the low ISO banding.

The 5D2 has none of this. The 5D3 made good strides in fixing the opertional shortcomings of the 5D2.

Saturoldan wrote:

Hi all!

Do you think that 5dII has everything you need for Landscape photography? If you had the bucks to change to 5DIII, would you buy 5DIII or invest it in lens?

I am going FF since I´ve got a 1DIV and need the wide angle view, so I am deciding to buy a 5DII or a 5DIII (no 6D). If I go with 5DII I won´t get an used 5DII because it´s a “small” difference in price (about 400€) but a big difference with the warranty (I work in wet and harsh places, so I better have a warranty).

Thanks for your responses.

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