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selwynbr wrote:

Durm wrote:

I started removing IE as soon as the Windows "Add Remove Software" started allowing it. (Windows 7 I think, I dont remember it sooner).

With all the browsers we have available to us, it made no sense to keep kludging away trying to "fix" IE.

Please advise how to remove. My control panel/add-remove software does not show explorer.

When you open the "Programs and Features" utility look in the upper left quadrant of the box.

There is are 4 links:

Control Panel Home

View installed updates

Turn Windows Features on or off

When you click it It will say "wait"

Then it will present you with a "check list" of windows features

Simply un-check "Internet Explorer" and click "OK" at the bottom.

There will be a couple of "warnings", let it proceed.

It takes a minute or so, and when its done, Internet Explorer is gone from the desktop, gone from the menu, and not available as a web browser.

In the several years I have run without it, I have found only one website that wouldn't work completely without IE (It was a Dell Support page).

The page could do an "auto-check" to get the model of your Dell Computer without your help.. It announced that the feature wouldnt work without IE..

Thats the only time, in several years of browsing.

If you dont like running without IE, you can put it back the same way.

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