Why insist on FF format?

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It's simple, some places wouldn't allow you in with a full frame camera and a 300mm lens, like the Olympics for instance (unless you had a media pass). So again, a FF camera doesn't have the advantage over any camera with a small form factor and long zoom lens, unless you don't want to take any photos of course.

I think I will pass ..

you have very good point but i am afraid in this forum not many would acknowledge it. They see advantages in small sensor and small pocketable cameras as long as it is not pentax Q (which is real small camera and really a pocketable one). At that point they will start pointing out that how small sensor can not compete with large sensors and does not have DOF control etc etc.

Here you will find the best flip-flops of DPR forums. Tony is in top 5 for sure.
Enjoy your time with him though.

Ahh yes, you're the guy who doesn't actually use m4/3's cameras

They are crap so yes i do not use them. You like crap so you use them, no surprises here.

and who thinks that everything is cr@p unless it's got a Pentax badge on it,

O man, it really hurts you that pentax makes

  1. smallest MILCs and

  2. MILCs with most native lenses.

anyway, I think I like Sony and Nikon also. And oh yes count me as as mamiya fanboy too from my film days. Heck I would even use canon too before I would touch anything m43.

and yet you seem strangely compelled to post pointless drive-byes every now and again. You and Sergey will get on great ;).

I am sure it feels pointless drivel to you but my sadist soul does enjoy ridiculing you on an international forum. And also yes, I am not full time employed by DPR like you to post here all the time. I do it when i feel like.

Its funny everytime we bump into each other, you end up making fool of yourself. Some things never change.

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