Anyone Shooting Sports with D800E

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Re: Anyone Shooting Sports with D800E

I have two D4 bodies and a D800E and have used the latter for sport, most notably on Centre Court Wimbledon at this year’s Championships.

Whilst my natural inclination is of course to grab my D4s for this type of work, the D800E is interesting to use sometimes. For sure, the frame rate is slower but this is not always a bad thing. It forces you to slow down and shoot more carefully rather than just machine-gun away. As long as I concentrated I was still able to get ball on the racquet shots and had far fewer images to trawl through when editing! Also of course I had far more pixels, which allowed much more aggressive cropping. My image agency started to moan about too large file sizes though (normally it is the other way around), so I had to downsize for submission to news agencies.

I shall certainly continue to occasionally use the D800E for sport although fear that one day a piece of action will unfurl in front of me and I shall be cursing my inability to capture it at 10fps! Also, in any low-light situation the D800E will stay in the camera bag. In truth it is ISO performance rather than fps which is more the limiting factor of the D800E.

I posted a more detailed report a couple of months back – see .

A gallery of tennis images specifically shot using the D800E and 85mm f/1.4 lens can be seen at .

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