GX1/GF2 optical viewfinder

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Re: GX1/GF2 optical viewfinder

Gavin Stapleton wrote:

This is a cheap and nasty OVF:

You can pay a bundle for Sigma, Leica and Voigtlander OVFs, too. All of them will give you a certain amount of parallax error due to the OVF being off-centre from the lens.

Thanks Gavin, that's a good find, I'll keep it saved for future use!

I was thinking, what with this being video focused, I did forget that with the optical viewfinder I'll have on idea what is in/out of focus in the video, and that it might be an idea to get an EVF instead, do you think that chucking the camera into continuous auto focus and using an optical viewfinder will lead to useable results? I only plan to use the camera for home video use, nothing important.


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