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Re: do NOT buy a DSLR!

antoineb wrote:

  • bulky and heavy: so you won't always take it along with you, especially not places > where you can't get to by car. If you have a bag of lenses things will be even worse

I don't really agree... My K5 with any of the lenses I own (50-200, 18-135, 21mm, 35mm, old 50mm ) is pretty small and carrying any of the extra lenses is not that big deal either.

I spent a couple of days in Sweden playing some "hardcore airsoft" which meant hiking some rock hills for 8+ hours with combat gear, AK74, magazines, 3L of water in Camelbak and all sorts of stuff in a small backpack. Fitting the K5 + 50-200 and the 21mm in the backpack was no biggie, and didn't add to my load very much so I didn't feel it. Ok it was not what a real soldier would carry but I'm no more fit than an ordinary civilian either!

On the other hand, having the high ISO capability of the K5 with me meant the difference between taking a pic or a blurry mess, in the relative low light of a forest. I have taken pics that simply were not possible with my old cameras (Canon S1 or Pentax K100D):

Of course I did take more pics than that but all the above are ISO 1600-3200. A DSLR made the difference, and maybe having chosen the K5 vs the equally potent Nikon D7000 also made it more likely to have the camera on me that day, and for many players and myself to have a nice pic to remember the action.

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