NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

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Re: NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

That video from Atomos is being a bit dishonest. The Ninja is connected to the camera but it is displaying a still image that was already saved to the Ninja Unit and not recording from the D600.

If you look at the video, you can see light coming through the view finder and projecting out the Lens of the D600. The camera is not even in Live view mode so it could not possibly be recording HDMI out.

inferno10 wrote:
From OP's link:

UPDATE 2: Here’s a video of Jeromy Young (the illustrious CEO of Atomos – maker of the Ninja) showing the D600 + Ninja 2 combo working at 100% at Photokina: . Very promising! (Thanks for the links Cheesycam, Herbert & Chris). Looks like I’ve probably just missed something in the setup. I’ll update this post when I know more.

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