seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Blackburn11 wrote:

I am getting the k-30 w/18-135 wr! Can't wait to order, get it,

and post my first pics (so you guys can laugh and say...he needed a 1200 buck system for that!? Which is what my wife will say.).

Let's be clear about this - if you are a crap photographer you'll shoot crap whatever you use. If you have a good photographic eye you'll take good photos whatever you use. To that extent the kit you use won't make a lot of difference. Indeed, within its limits cheaper kit can produce results every bit as good as a DSLR (just look at Don's input here).

But where the better kit comes into its own is when what you want to shoot is beyond the limits of the cheaper kit. You'll spend some time - weeks, even months, before you learn how to get that extra bit from your K30. A lot of the things you shoot won't even need it.

When you post here you'll get C&C if you ask for it (or even if you don't) but most of it will be about how to squeeze that extra bit out. Even if you get negative comments, just use them as pointers about how to improve.

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