Sigma 8-16mm questions ?

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Re: Sigma 8-16mm questions ?

leopold wrote:

I did own the Sigma 10-20 (1st version) some years ago, i liked the 10mm setting but not the IQ. That 8-16mm seems better from what i've read and just want some input. I have the DA14 and FA20 but don't want to carry both and would like a wider view.

  • How does it compares to the DA14 or DA15 ( between14mm to 16mm) for landscape ?

It's much larger and heavier than the DA15 of course, more comparable to the DA14 in size though possible somewhat heavier, mainly due to its excellent build (as far as I remember, as I used the DA14 only one day a few years ago). Of course the zoom makes it more flexible. The hood is integrated in the design, and as such I believe it's smaller than the DA14 with its hood mounted.

The smaller maximum aperture (compared with the DA14 esp) isn't a problem for general landscape (esp since I find the 8-16 OK wide open), but it may be when you want to shoot nighttime landscapes with starry skies without star trails. There the DA14 has a distinct advantage in being able to gather more light in a shorter time at f/2.8.

  • Is it good enough to print large photos and selling photos ? (my guess is yes).

I think it has better resolution than the DA15, esp in the corners (though perhaps not at the wide extreme), or perhaps it's just an impression since it's a pretty contrasty lens. Note that I love my DA15 and it's a very important lens to me when traveling light and compact (with my limited kit), but for longer trips where I prefer the flexibility of a zoom the 8-16 is super! the additional angle to 8mm allows for much more dramatic perspective, which is more impressive the larger you print.

  • The colors of my Sigma 10-20 were not the best, is it true that the 8-16mm have better colors ?

I like them very much actually. Very vivid, partly thanks to the excellent contrast this lens has.

For me, the Sigma 8-16 the best UWA zoom available in K-mount at this moment. A few years ago I wouldn't have believed I would ever write this about a Sigma lens.

Of course, it's not perfect... The 8-16 being a zoom means that the hood is dimensioned for 8mm, and as such not fully efficient at 16mm, which covers a much smaller angle. Hence much more care needs to be taken for flare than with a fixed lens. The protruding front element is also more vulnerable and doesn't allow for filters.

hth, Wim

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