Need advice for 135mm Len

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Re: Need advice for 135mm Len

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Have a look at this link, there is some food information for identifying different versions of the Minolta SR lenses (check the color legend at the bottom of the file). If you cannot identify from the ad picture, you can ask the seller to report the front writing and tell you the weight of the lens.

As to the Vivitar 135mm f2.8, there also are several versions... try the 'Auto telephoto' with a serial number starting with '28' (Komine-made), it should be quite decent quality for an affordable price.You can definitely find more information on the net from various sites.


Ya. I read abt the several version. It's pretty annoying that they released some many version of the same spec. So hard to differentiate it which is which on ebay.

So how do I know which Len will suit me better. I more into shooting of Marco photography like those detailed insect photo.

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