Why need adapter for NEX? should I have just bought a DSLR?

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Re: Why need adapter for NEX? should I have just bought a DSLR?

kcamacho11 wrote:

This is something I also do not comprehend.

I switched from Nikon DSLR to NEX-7, because I got tired of the weight and big lenses. I wanted a camera in a smaller package with smaller lenses, that can deliver DSLR image quality and superb video. I am sure than 90% of the people that switch to NEX, switch for the same reason.

So, that being said....I don't get why some people get adapters and put HUGE Nikon/Canon/Sony lens on an NEX body. Yes, I get that even though the lens is still larger and heavy, the camera itself is smaller and weighs less than a DSLR would....but you still have to deal with holding a huge lens.

Not to mention, the NEX camera looks ridiculous when attached to a big lens. Sometimes when I see the huge 24-70 F2.8 or 70-200 F2.8 lens on a NEX, I just laugh and ask why not dump the NEX and get a DSLR?

Want an NEX because it is lighter, smaller and can deliver beautiful photos?

Not at all. I bought it to get good digital images from the lenses I already own, not to get a smaller camera. Couldn't care less what size the E mount lenses are (the kit lens is quite large anyway).

The results, even from lenses dating from the 1960s, are excellent. I look forward to even better sensors (something like the sensor in the Nikon D800E but in a NEX body that takes adapters).

Ok, got it.

Then you go stick a huge, heavy lens on it?
You are contradicting yourself.

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