Is the 18mm "bad"?

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Re: Famous pixel peepers

justinwonnacott wrote:

so to speak . . . or lets say artists whose landscape based work is known for a high standard technically, who probably would choose a lens that is not bothered by fuzzy corners.

Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, Ed Burtynsky, Lee Friedlander, Joel Sternfield to mention a few.

Lots and lots of corporate shooters also demand edge to edge sharpness and as little chromatic aberration as possible. Just depends on what you are trying to do with the lens. A really sharp lens can do anything , a soft one has its limits for certain kinds of work.

The artists mentioned used or use optimal f/stop, f/22 on big format or f/16 in MF. Use the 18 Fujinon at f/11 or f/16 and you'll have no problems in the corners (by the way, f/5.6 is quite enough).

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