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Re: Just ten samples of filters saving a front element/barrel

Thorbard wrote:

None of these prove anything; they're all examples of a filter taking a kit and then breaking. That is NOT the same thing as the filter protecting the lens because there is no way to know that the same impact would have damaged the lens at all.

Exactly. We have at least one sharp cookie in the jar!

Filters routinely shatter from minor impacts, impacts not hard enough to damage most lenses at all.

Sure, a shattered filter looks dramatic but the real story is how many filters break and how easily they break.

My unscientific observations show that about half of all photographers routinely use filters for protection. With professional photographers that number will be lower and for amateurs it will be higher.

Therefore, if front elements were as fragile as filters, we would see just as many shattered lenses as shattered filters. But shattered lenses are extremely rare while shattered filters are as common as sparrows.

You will be many dollars ahead in the long run if you ignore those who recommend purchasing filters to protect your lenses.

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