Is there no market for a swivel screen FF camera?

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Re: Sure you would.

Richard wrote:

Skip M wrote:

Richard wrote:

A bracked that mounted on the flash mount and/ or the bottom screw in mount could hold the phone and do a swivel the Android phone (Iphone have a tiny lame display anyway) anyway you would like to see it. Hey I should patent that

I wouldn't buy one, because then I couldn't use my monopod.

Have you seen the way a battery grip fits, it screws in and you can screw your tripod into the bottom of it. In my design, it would connect 3 ways, flash mound, of course you would be able to put your flash on top of it because it would be pass through. The botton tripod stand would be pass through as well, and you could hook it using a clamp so you could clamp it to your monopod. You would have every option. It would even have a little sun shade

I know, I just wasn't thinking. My flash bracket works that way, no reason that a bracket for the phone couldn't, too. Thing is, with a flash bracket and a phone bracket and a grip, where does the stacking stop?
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