Unique Photo purchasers, a word of caution…(long)

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pure BS

He did tried to pull a fast one. He tried to take advantage of what he admitted he knew was an impossible offer, a typo. If he'd received it, he'd have said nothing. He admits that.

When he didn't get the steal of a lifetime, he posted here, removing key information, essentially lying to us.

Now, a liar and a cheat, he wants to be treated "honorably" and with respect by the company he tried to rob.

Ken53 wrote:

He didn't try pull a fast one. His posts clearly verify this.

You and I must live on different planets.

"So here is my question, What do you think the chances are I will get the lens at the advertised - ordered price?"

"(I really wasn't counting on it going through, just hoping it might)"

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