Realtime hystogram on Fuji X-PRO 1

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Re: Realtime hystogram on Fuji X-PRO 1

Tnx a lot ..... very good explanation ....

May be that Fuji should add in the user guide? I checked the english manual too (not bundled with the camera .. just italian) but is, from my point of view, not very useful to understand what you have written so well...

The translation to italian is exactly the same.

Tnx again,

ken224 wrote:

There is nothing wrong with the camera. It is only Fuji approach to metering that most reasonable photographers have a problem with.

Fuji behaviour:

Automatic exposure (A, S, P, including exposure compensation)

The camera determines the exposure based on the scene brightness and the desired exposure compensation. The exposure is known to the camera and is displayed in the EVF preview, as well as the histogram (accurately). No problem here.

Manual exposure (M, including AEL)

This happens when the user selects manually the speed/aperture/ISO or when the user locks the exposure using the AEL button. In this case, the camera "washes its hands" and the exposure is the user's responsibility. So far so good. However, the histogram is still there and it has no connection to reality. The histogram displays what the distribution of the tones would be if the camera was allowed to choose the exposure. No indication that the tones in the final picture are likely to be totally different.

In this mode Fuji has successfully managed to convert the histogram from a helpful manual exposure aid to an impressive decoration at the expense of some vaulable display space. All this in a camera built for users who like to take control of the picture taking process. Well done!

What would make more sense (and what I would like to see)

1. Ideally, the histogram (and the EVF preview when configured for WYSIWYG) should display the correct expected values in the final photo even in the manual mode or when the AEL is active.

2. Failng this, the histogram would change colour, start blinking, disappear, or whatever in order to alert the user that it can not be relied upon.

3. Failing this, the user manual should explain what is going on so that the user can make informed decisions (as opposed to uninformed ones based on misleading displays).

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