Lumix DMC-GH3 specs: IBIS, focus peaking, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 video?

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Re: Gavin

'Francis Carver' aka Frank Farago has plenty of form both here and elsewhere.

I'm not sure exactly what Mr Farago's problem is but he appears to have a rather large chip on his shoulder which manifests itself as incessant and opinionated criticism of equipment he doesn't own along with vitriolic and childish attacks upon those who expresses interest in said equipment.

Maybe he just couldn't make the grade in the heyday of film and has wound up a bitter and twisted old man as a result. Whatever his problems as he cannot obviously control himself his days here are undoubtedly numbered.

In the meantime I'm going out to shoot some video on my sh*thouse Panasonic GH2 while I contemplate whether or not to purchase an even more sh*thouse GH3. I just hope I don't develop a complex as a result!

Gavin Stapleton wrote:

You are the one coming in here poopooing on the Panasonic brand and calling people @$$holes... I notice that you clipped my quote to omit the advice I offered after reading your OP. But of course that wouldn't gel with your abuse below now would it?

I think you are the negative element in this forum. As I always say, "may the guilty be offended"...

Francis Carver wrote:

Gavin Stapleton wrote:

F.C. - Since you've demonstrated a predisposition towards the Sony gear with your comparison, you've received some light-hearted silly feedback already. No one really wants to win you over if you're just disguising insults towards Panasonic's hardware or artistic merit in the form of your comparison...

Hey, Gevin, don't be an as*hole, buddy. Obviously you hadn't even read my OP with the specific technical questions. But if you did and cannot answer any of them -- why even pollute the thread, huh?

Why are many M4/3 users such obnoxious hooligans, that's what I would love to find out for sure. Never run into this many bozos on any of the other form factor forums. Also, it seems that when it comes to technical issues, most M4/3 users only know that their camera is smaller and lighter than a Canikon FF DSLR, and takes smaller/lighter lenses, too.

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