NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

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Re: Not crippled, hardware limitation

RicksAstro wrote:

freddyNZ wrote:

sandy b wrote:

Use a cine lens and pull aperature like the real pros do,

If anybody stopped to think about this, then maybe they'd be able to give an example of where aperture pulling has been routinely used in cine.

I've never seen "aperture puller" in the credits. I suppose if you could do it, then you might want to do it, but I've never seen it - at least I've not been consciously aware of it. If fact I'd suggest that while focus pulling can be used effectively to shift emphasis with shallow DOF, "aperture pulling" to increase/reduce DOF would just look weird.

I think many of the people concerned about fine details of video performance of these still cameras should take some time out and watch a real movie or two, or even at the low end, the pro wedding video shooter, TV ads for furniture etc.

Same in some ways with lack of direct aperture control in LV mode on the D600. Yes - it would be nice to have it, but you surely don't use LV because it's a fast way to get a shot, so the inconvenience of needing to exit/reenter LV for DOF preview is pretty trivial really.

Actually, you don't even need to exit/reenter LV to get DOF just need to take a picture. Then the aperture will then be what you have it set to in LV. Quicker than getting in/out, but wastes a shot if that concerns you.

Yes- it doesn't worry me at all.

It's almost more worrying to think that some people seem to believe that they can get a reasonable impression of DOF on a 3" screen, when DOF is always subject to output size and viewing distance, it's about as useless as DOF preview via a reflex viewfinder.

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