The ignored downsides of Sony's new hotshoe design

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Sony mios units sold: 2006 = 0.35, 2011 = 1,25 (D-SLR)

Klipsen wrote:

So far, Pocketwizard have refused to make versions for Sony flashes, because prospective sales were too insignificant. Now that the number of Sony cameras has reached a level where companies like Phottix start making their "Odin" series for Sony (shortly after introducing the Nikon version), Sony decide to change their hotshoe design. So, with a new hotshoe, that so far is only found on a USD 2,800 camera and a NEX, how long will it be before enough cameras with the new hotshoe have been sold to make it interesting for independent manufacturers to make products like this one available in a Sony version?:

Also, will those manufacturers who actually do support the iISO hotshoe stop doing so because of Sony's harebrained decision to make video the key function on a still image camera.

For those who use their flashes on light stands, it may look as if things are getting easier, but the flash holders usually have a standard ISO (i.e. square ) hotshoe/coldshoe), and the new Sony flash foot cannot be pushed "home" on these hot-/coldshoes:

The wireless triggers with TTL and ratio control that do exist for Sony cameras will not work with the A99 without an adapter - and maybe not even with one. The receivers will also need adapters (USD 25 each) - and there's no guarantee they will then work.

All in all, nothing but bad news for the vast majority of existing owners of Sony/Minolta flashes - even for those who thought (think?) that they would benefit from it. And just because Sony decided the hotshoe, which for decades has been used almost exclusively for flashes on SLRs, was the best connetor for advanced microphones. "To hell with still photographers - we need to attract videographers", seems to be the rationale behind this ill-conceived decision.


... this is the real prospective sales!

So, after only one year it would become significant with 1,25 mios of sales (and much more with the Nex system).

Look at the global market share of Sony (only about 1% behind Canon in 2010-2011):

So now, you can know better why Hassy is interested by Sony hé héé...

Kind Regards,

Source: Germany.
Michel J

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