Adobe photoshop sharping for the 7D

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Re: Adobe photoshop sharping for the 7D

This is my sharpening strategy using Unsharpen Mask in Photoshop 6

Keeping in mind 2 of the variables, Amount and Radius...(and excluding Threshold which I keep at "0")

RADIUS is a more "coarse" sharpening adjustment...

AMOUNT is more subtle/nuanced than Radius...

My starting point of 300% for Amount and .3 for Radius...

If the image has few lines and edges, and more texture and tone, like a close-up can use 300% Amount and increase Radius from .3 to .5 for more sharpness but watch out for increased noise that higher Radius will create especially in the out of focus blocks of tones...

If you need to reduce the noise a bit you can lower to Amount from 300% to 200% or 100% (adjustments seem take affect I think in 100s: 100, 200, 300...up to 500)

After lowering Amount, you can increase Radius, from .3 to as high as 1.0 depending on the texture/blocks of tones...BUT...Again....while this will increase the texture's sharpness nicely it will also increase high ISO noise, more easily seen in tonal blocks lacking detail, so be careful there...

In the reverse situation, if the image has few solid blocks of tone and texture, but has instead a lot of edges and lines such as in scenics with a lot of trees, (branches and leaves), then you DON'T want high Radius because it will cause ghosting of those edges.... this case you want to LOWER Radius from .3 to .2 or to .1 perhaps, and increase Amount to 300, 400 or 500...this is more nuanced sharpening and it will not cause those edges to break up...and it will not increase apparent noise as much as when you increase Radius.

Keep in mind that larger file sizes need more sharpening, smaller files less...and that every time you resize, you need to it is best to always start with the original and sharpen only after you have resized the image.

I hope this's a BASIC way of looking at resharpening, but it works for me. Others sharpen in layers...but I'm not that critical I guess.

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