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Equipment & Software

Hey man, you're welcome! Glad to help:

This is my work setup:

PC - Windows 7

  • i7 920 processor (first gen, about 4 years old quadcore processor, now i believe they are in the 3rd gen, so they are basically faster and better to work with). A quadcore processor is generally recommended for video editing, as most of the software enables the use of more cores.

  • 2 video cards, but i only use 1 for video editing: Nvidia Geforce GT240 1 gig. I use the NVidia for editing because it enables CUDA in Adobe Premiere and other Adobe apps... (more on that later). My card is an old model, but still works pretty great. Newer models should be faster to work with, and help you render your movies faster.

  • 12 gb of 1600mhz DD3 ram... a general rule for video editing, is the more you have, the better. I think for FullHD (1080p) work, 12-16gb is a sweet number of GB to have.

  • Several Hard Drives, basically going from 500gb to 3 tb. My latest acquisition is a 3 tb WD Green drive. I'll definitely but more in the future. Cheap and the massive storage space helps for the large original video files that are recorded. A short recording session, like about 30 minutes of movie files in the recent DSLR's, can easily eat upwards of 30-40 gb of space, so investing in large TB drives is a must. Imagine if you use 2-3 cameras for one video project... the space one "small" project can be immense, depending on what you use.

Those are the basics. But sooner rather than later, you'll have SOUND to worry about, so these are my tips)

  • Try to get a good sound card for audio editing (like one of the Asus Xonar series), a pair of studio monitors or a good pair of headphones (Grado, Sony, etc, studio series, starting at about 80$ upwards). Don't get those mega 5.1 7.1 surround sound 3d gaming setups with multiple speakers (logitech, creative, etc). Editing audio is not the same as gaming, so don't go that route. If you are a gamer, like I am, I think the best investment for hearing the audio you edit) you can have is buying some good headphones (like these ones: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AJIF4E/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00 ) It can make all the difference...

Now regarding the software , well you basically can't go wrong with Adobe's Creative Suite (try to get the latest version, CS6). Industry standard stuff, no questions asked. Tons of free tutorials in Youtube and elsewhere. They are available for MAC & PC:

  • Adobe Premiere (for video editing, color correcting, has easy to use effects and transitions, easy and fast, uses CUDA: this is the program you're going to use the most)

  • Adobe After Effects (for more advanced visual effects, like motion graphics)

  • Adobe Audition (for more advanced audio editing)

ON CUDA: Remember when I said it's important to buy an NVIDIA video card? Not AMD! Why? Because NVIDIA cards have great CUDA support, which is basically a more technical term for hardware rendering in Adobe Premiere... it basically makes editing your FullHD video AKIN to browsing a the internet, fast, in realtime, with no stutters. I think it also makes Rendering your movie file (creating your final video file for everyone to watch and upload to the internet) faster. My 3-4 year old NVIDIA card is pretty fast in that sense, and I'm sure the newer ones will be even faster. Adobe has said that it's working with AMD to implement CUDA for future versions of Creative Suite, but I think it's a longshot. So for the meantime, buy a good NVIDIA card. One more thing, it's not necessary to buy a Quadro series card, just buy yourself a capable gaming NVIDIA card (200-300$, 2gb), and then follow the instructions on this website: http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm

These are my basic begginer hardware and software suggestions. For us DSLR'r filmmakers, I think they'll work pretty well. If you have any other questions, let me know! If I don't know the answer, at least I'll try to lead you in the right direction.

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