GXR still goes on. Photokina news.

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Re: Was bitte?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

RainerTKH wrote:

Dont understand your words in complet way.
200 %??

Sorry Rainer, it is easy to be "funny" in your own native language.

rondom wrote:

Please don't get me wrong here...but looks like English is not your forte, and could be the same with your friends, and definitely the case with Ricoh guys. Each time I tried to communicate with them it was a disaster. I can list a lot of examples.

Were the Ricoh guys that your friends talked to German employees of Ricoh, or just few local guys hired for the photokina? If so, we are looking into a compounded effect of terrible communication accidents. I mean, trust me, google translate works better than midlevel Japanese executives briefing their german speaking staff in english for a one week trade show!

Sorry for my bad English, I try best I can.

I asked the members of the Ricoh Forum about the Ricoh booth people they met. The answers from two are:

"The man I spoke was definitely a photo expert from Ricoh and not a only for the show hired student. He was around 50 years old and knows the whole GXR system very well."

"The man I spoke to was a keen photo expert and knows details about the actual GXR system. He had three points we put our interest on:
1. The actual GXR system will go on and they develop new things for it.
2. They work on a Pentax K modul (I asked on, but he gave non more information).
3. They think and talk inside about a FF modul.

He personally would dont like an on-board EVF. The camera should be to big, he said.

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