New NX lens annouced

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Re: 45mm f/1.8 not a pancake...ugh.

Gooutside wrote:

RE the size, yes it is big but since all the other lenses are so tiny I can still carry five lenses in a small camera case so I'm not complaining...

That's handy and all, but there are a lot of places now where anything discernible as an interchangeable lens camera isn't allowed. Even on the street sometimes. Shooting stills of protestors with something that looks like a DSLR can get you into a jam. And of course concert staff usually has a serious issue with something that looks, "professional." Instances like that are the only reason I own the NX. Any other time I'll take my Nikon. So for me small size is the whole reason to own an NX. Unfortunate that the lens turned out so big.

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