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Re: Aperture doesn't mean what you think it does

notime wrote:

I think he is talking about the amount of light needed to saturate a smaller sensor. If a sensor is half the size, it needs twice as much light. Basically, f/4.0 on a full frame 35mm sensor will offer the same performance as an f/2.0 on a 16mm sensor and the same as f/1.0 on an 8mm sensor. (Although those are film sizes, not digital.

There are a wide variety of sensor sizes in the cameras you are considering:

But that still doesn't invalidate my point that I need the lowest possible F/ rating to get better low light performance.

I know that there are different sensors thats why my original posts saying micro four thirds or APS-C.

The best camera I've seen so far mentioned is the Canon G15, It has the exact same sensor size as the Nikon D7700 I believe. So being F/1.8 over the Nikon F/2.0 It will provide better low light correct?

The Olympus PEN system micro four thirds dont have any video options. I believe the best I saw was 1080, 60i. I don't want an interlaced video. I would rather prefer 24p since I will be making short movies.

Thanks once again for the informative information. I have learned something new but still yet. I would like to get a camera that I can use for short films and pictures during my vacations.

The NEX5N does overheat and I called Sony this afternoon. The rep on the phone from the DSLR center told me that every APS-C camera has the overheating problem and its not just strictly the NEX series of cameras.

I went on to ask him why the camera is listed as 29 minutes of recording time. when clearly it's not capable of doing this in a real world situation and he just dodged the question saying that "our technicians were able to record that long in the laboratory"

So I'm still on the hunt for a camera.

I would LOVE to get a big sensor camera. But I dont think it's going to be practical because they seem to overheat, cost beyond my budget, or dont have the video features I'm looking for. such as 24p or manual controls.

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