Panasonic Lumix GH3. My first 3 hours impressions. /1

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Re: Panasonic Lumix GH3. Looks are important

eques wrote:

Thanks for your detailed first impressions.

You sound very positively impressed but not enthusiastic. A consequence of the looks?

I have been waiting for the GH3. How the stills quality compares with the OM-D will be seen in due course. However, the GH3 looks as ugly as Sony's FF models. I agree about the hump: it should be more pronounced by lower shoulders (no more overall height of the camera body) or, even better, removed altogether. Rangefinder look might not appeal to every one, but it is better than this hunchback of Notre Dame look of this GH3/Sony A99 monster.

If you compare the Leica M, Fuji X1(E), even Sony NEX and RX100 - they all show elegant, even beautiful tops, a jouy to look at. And it is the top, the photographer sees first and, if habitually using the EVF like I do, most often.


The rangefinder look appeals to old people.

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