seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

My advise: get the k-30 plus the 18-135 wr and it will cover probably 99% of your current needs according to what you mentioned in the OP.

The k-30 is a newer k-5, with better autofocus and new processing algorithms. The K-5 is considered the best APS-C camera and I agree with that. Then, the K-30 is based on the k-5, which makes the k-30 itself also one of the best APS-C cameras.

Don't buy a high-end P&S cameras if you really want to get into 'serious' amateur photography. DSLRs are a step further than any top of the line P&S and interchangeable lenses will give you all the flexibility down the road which P&S don't provide.

With the Pentax you will get IBS (in body stabilization or shake reduction) built in the camera, so the lenses don't need to be stabilized for shake reduction. You get excellent dynamic range, very good low light performance, excellent color management, excellent results for an aps-c and a lot list of other neat features). It's the perfect camera for the amateur photographer who wants to have a tool that allows you some room to growth in the future.

Also you can use all legacy lenses, which you can buy from $30 or $40 and up, on ebay, craigslist, or the local thrift store or camera store. I bought a Takumar 55mm, f2.0 manual focus, which I never get tired of using, for only $35. (I have another 10 manual lenses). Also, the lenses you mentioned DA 35mm F2.8 is excellent for your needs.

The rants of people against Pentax are because the high-end users of Pentax feel they don't have a clear growth path in terms of body/camera for those with the budget and the interest to do Full Frame digital photography, (which I believe and the physics indicate gives a lot more IQ than APS-C). But APS-C already is an excellent solution for 'serious' photographers on a budget and it seems that Pentax is really committed to this market segment.

I don't sell or represent Pentax products. i just own a K-5, which I use a lot, I own several lenses (too many, according to my wife) and I am looking right now for a FF solution But probably I will keep my Pentax gear for a while, as for traveling the K-5 is a very good option for me

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