Nikon 135 F2 DC or 105mm F2 DC on D800E?

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Re: Wait for Zeiss 135/2 APO before deciding

No it's not. The 3000 euro lens is a 55/1.4 lens that suppose to be very sharp at 1.4 from center to corners. Some suggested it's a lens with much larger image circle than needed for the 35mm and thereby using the center of the image. Basically kind of cheating as if you used a 35 lens on the APS-C camera using mostly the best part of the glass.

I think the best sample image for the new ziess is this one,

too bad we can see the 100% image, but even in this image (navigate to all sizes) you can see no CA on any OOF area which tells me the APO is working really well.

Lack of autofocus will be an issue. If you'll be doing wedding or other event works, then you really need autofocus. For landscape work or when you can use live view the I think 135 would produce amazing color and micro contrast.

Is this new Zeiss one of their 36mp lenses that Zeiss talked about and costing 3000 Euro each?


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