D600 AF left or right issues...

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
EastOfGratiot New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Do not worry about any issue with the new Nikon D600.

Im my personal experience 100% of D800 cameras have the outboard sensor AF problem and 100% of the D600 cameras are 100% flawless in every aspect

Seriously, I did give up o a D800 because the AF issue was WAY out of whack. When the D600 rumors seemed to be real I gave up on the D800 and waited for the D600. The D600 is more in line with my preferences anyway and so far it IS flawless in every regard I've been able to measure it by. I WAS looking out for all the ghosts of Nikons-past like the D800 AF issue, the "green cast" (which I never noticed on the D800), and the supposed D7000 AF backfocus issue (I've also owned two D7000s which have been flawless). My D600 has NONE of these issues and so far I can't detect any issues at all. It's fantastic.

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