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Re: Aperture doesn't mean what you think it does

Alphoid wrote:

Aperture means different things at different sensor sizes. It's helpful to look at equivalent apertures. Since I'm unaware of any APS cameras in your size/price range, I've translated to u4/3 for you.

Sony HX20V

f/3.2-5.8 aperture will behave f/9-16 on u4/3.

Panasonic LX7

Equivalent to f/3.2-5.2 on u4/3.

Nikon D7700 (not for sale yet)

Equivalent to f/4.6-9.1

Samsung EX2


Probably what you want is an Olympus PEN (EPL1 or similar), and reasonably fast prime lens. 20mm f/1.7 or 45mm f/1.8 are both good bets. They'll place you $50 over your budget with a $150 EPL1. Other choice is kit lens, and get a fast prime later.

I am unsure what you mean......

I want something that produces good video and pictures under low light conditions.

I was under the impression that a fast lens meant that you would get better pictures because you need less time to expose the sensor to light. correct?

the slower your lens the more time it needs to stay open correct?

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