A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

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Re: A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

antonoat wrote:

Just out of curiosity I'd like to know who would have preferred that Nikon had made it's new flagship cameras(D800/D800E) 24MP rather than 36MP.
for so long they(Nikon) told us they though twelve MP was more than enough.

There are obviously good arguments for both alternatives but I think it would be very interesting to hear what the photographers who use these cameras would prefer.

If you could please just answer 24 or 36, it would be much appreciated and it could be quite informative.

kind regards


IMO I think Nikon should have used the 24MP sensor in the D800 and used the 36MP in the D4. The D800 is not for everyone as stated by Thom Hogan. Three friends of mine (one a pro) observed two things - 1.) It's a tripod camera and 2.) you better have good glass. It's very unforgiving when it comes to using "cheaper" lenses .....you are almost forced to use "Pro glass. For myself, I just bought a new (actually a Nikon refurb) D700 mainly because I have no need for a 36MP camera and I have some "pro" glass!

Now if the D800 was 24MP camera that would have been a winner at least for me and I'm sure a lot of other people.


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