Weekly Landscape Thread: Sept 23rd - Sept 29th

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Few panoramas and a slow mountaineer

Toroweap. Taken with Fuji GX617, Kodak Ektachrome 100G positive film. Scanned with Imacon Flextight Photo. I scanned only at 1600 DPI but the amount of detail (and file size) is enormous. This was a first time I shot with the camera and I think I did not provide it with adequate support. I also have to refine my scanning settings.

Repeating theme as it is a view from the trail near my house. However sunsets and sunrises in AZ seem to be always different. This panorama is a stitch of 11 vertical frames taken with Nex 3 and Steinheil Culminar 135 f4.5. I have to clean the lens as it has oil on aperture blades that I believe causes glow and degrades contrast. It also looks like Fotodiox M39 to Sony adapter does not allow for correct infinity focus. I am rather disappointed. This is not the first Fotodiox adapter with issues as Minolta MD to E adapter is also poorly crafted (though they still add Pro suffix to the name). I have bought Novoflex MD to E adapter and I must say it works like a charm. Sometimes it is better to spend more money up front.

I have met that mountaineer on the trail. The guy was just going down the path after conquering the summit. I like to go fast and stop frequently. This guy's technique, slow steady progress, showed much mountaineering experience.

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