RX100- makes the grade as a great travel companion

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Re: RX100- makes the grade as a great travel companion

Len_Gee wrote:

Are you carrying the camera in the Sony hard camera case?
Also, did you shoot the panos in sweep pano mode?

The hard case is a Case Logic (which I think might be a budget brand... picked it up at Walmart) which fits the camera like it was made for it. Barely room for the wrist strap. I can get one extra SD card in it, but not two. Still, I love it, particularly the carabiner, which lets me hang it from my briefcase outside easy to access. And, I no longer have mysterious battery drains when it's in my briefcase.

No sweep mode. Have tried it a bunch and it's never as sharp as I want. In my professional world - photography professional, which is my "second life" - I'm known for large scale (as much as 18inches high by 18 feet long) panoramas that are razor sharp. The camera can capture the files needed for that, I know now, but I've done probably 30 sweep mode images and every one has been OK if all I intended was internet posts for family and friends, but not up to what I want, which is to capture something that I may be able to sell.

I showed the mountain pano today to one of the interior designers I sell to, and they had it an inch from their nose complaining because it wasn't peak color. That tells me I'm in good shape with this camera... there was zero attention to things that would be camera specific.

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