Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

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Re: Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

This thread dropped off awhile back but the problem discussed still exists. I'm a new owner of a Stylus Pro 3880. I got the printer as an update for my trusty 2200. I was sold on Epson marketing and hundreds of glowing reviews of the 3880 and magnificent black and white prints on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper.

Like the other posters here I experienced the spur wheel scratches on Ex. Fiber, especially in black printed areas. Tried all the bogus solutions from Epson Tech Support: platen gap, front feed, etc., but as you all know, nothing solves the problem. The spur wheel transport damaging or marking the printed ink surface is an unfixable problem. Epson knows it's unfixable but will send 50 new printer replacements anyway.

I'm on my 4th 3880 now. (3rd replacement) Epson traded out the two boxes of EFF paper for 4 boxes of Premium semi gloss. Semi Gloss resin coated paper will go through unscratched but the parallel spur wheel marks are still visible in black ink printed areas when the print is held close to light source and viewed from acute angle.

As a pro I expect a pro product when I pay for something marketed as Pro. The 3880 doesn't measure up because of this spur wheel issue. The print quality is fantastic and a big improvement over the 2200, but with visible marks across the entire surface I hesitate to sell the otherwise quality prints.

Since I'm beyond 30 days from purchase date, I can't get a refund. I can't make prints on the best papers. I'm not a happy camper.

Has anyone here found a fix yet?

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