HX30V price hike

Started Sep 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bruce Dunkle Regular Member • Posts: 311
Re: HX30V price hike

I just looked at the HX30v price on Amazon, and its around 401.00. Look at the price in a couple of days, and see if it comes down. The HX20v price at Amazon is
still 335.00. Amazon will vary prices occasionally, and my guess is that

it's a question of supply and demand. It's a little early for Sony to discontinue
manufacture of the HX20 and HX30, bur they may be setting up for
successor cameras which should be intruduced in early 2013, and as a result
the HX30 may be already in short supply. Also an earlier poster mentioned
that the U. S. dollar will be getting weaker, and that should be causing
price increases for not only cameras, but everything else bought with
the USD. Stay tuned!

Bruce Dunkle

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