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Re: Panasonic Lumix GH3. Looks are important

Bob Meyer wrote:

I'm not sure that image really supports the conclusion above (that all the core components are in a small square box). I don't think Panasonic is showing us the complete innards of the camera, but rather just the key structural elements. I'm willing to bet the camera is packed, side to side and top to bottom, with componentry.

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

Can you post a link to this? I've been looking, but I can't find those images.


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Consider that many say that Pany is using similar innards from the G3 used in the GX1 even though totally different concept so the same be occuring here with the GH3 and a rangefinder model. Yes Pany is not showing all the innards in these pictures but the size of the long rectangular metal box and corresponding shallower height of processor board indicates the potential for such a model. Most of the higher shoulders and real estate on the GH3 is to provide more space for controls, erogonimic handling and to house the EVF above the swivel screen with flash and hotshoe on top. Certainly the NEX7 and Fuji XP1 have shown you do not have to have a lot a space for the required innards and no reason such camera need be any higher than the shoulders on the EM5. I think Pany may place a swinging LCD in the middle with EVF to left of the LCD. There would be space for control button arrays on the left side.

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