A 57 jpegs, and SAL 18250 lense

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Re: A 57 jpegs, and SAL 18250 lense

Of course no one wants pictures to have unnatural colors when they are photographing people. However what I don't understand is why you post processed the RAW to adjust white balance to reflect accurate colors yet you elected not to do the same with the jpg.

Also the issue of unnatural color can be attributed to a setting in the white balance in camera. You have control over this.

Now I understand their are advantages of RAW over jpg, however your example did not reflect these advantages. In fact if you compare the knife handle on the far left of the imagine you will see the jpg has a sharper image.

This isn't even about raw vs jpg. That's a debate for another topic. This is about your comments that the jpg engine is horrible and you posted images that were supposed to support this statement when your images actually didnt show any real issues with the jpg engine. At most it showed you need to adjust your white balance setting in the camera or possibly spend a second in some cases to adjust the WB post processing.

I would think a shot of a person would better show the issue you are having. However rule out any settings that may be off.

The mushy jpg results you speak of should be easier to see. It seems be something that a few have said after reading the dpreview review, however many have posted so many non mushy pictures that one would wonder if the people getting mushy results have something a little off with their camera settings.

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