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P.S. - use VirtualBox to test drive some...

I'm thinking about holding on to the computer. Maybe if I have a little money to burn some time I'll put a small ssd in it. I've also thought it'd be fun to try ubuntu. I think it'd make a pretty speedy web surfing machine if I set it up that way.


Use VirtualBox to test drive some of them. Basically, you can install VirtualBox in Windows on your new machine. Then, you can create Virtual Machines that you can install other Operating Systems in.

For example, here's a post I made not long ago showing screen captures with some of the tweaks I usually make to KDE based distros (I personally prefer a distro using a KDE desktop), showing an installation of Kubuntu 12.04 running in a Virtual Machine.

I was using Mepis 11 (the Linux distro I use most of the time) as the host operating system. But, you can use Windows or LInux as the host; and install Windows or Linux as the Guest OS in a Virtual Machine using the free VirtualBox software. That way, you can run more than one Operating System at the same time.

VirtualBox is great for that purpose (test driving Linux distros to see if you like them or not), with no need to burn them to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Then, if you find one you like better, burn it to DVD or a USB Flash drive and install it and make sure it runs OK on your physical hardware.

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